Saturday, December 20, 2008

Does she ... or doesn't she?

If you’re a Boomer, you’ll remember that slogan!

Spending over 3 hours at the beauty shop today made me think about the aging process and how differently each of us deal with it.

Some people just accept the gray hair and the wrinkles, while others have monthly maintenance rituals. I feel that as you age you should do whatever makes you happy in terms of maintaining or improving your looks. I hate pain, so forget plastic surgery!

But when it comes to my crowning glory, I’ve been hitting the bottle since I was 25 when I noticed my first grey hair and panicked. I could have bought a cute, brand-new, red Mercedes coupe for what I’ve spent on my hair over the past 35 years!

Speaking of hair color – mine has ranged from the darkest brown (my natural color) to blonde and many shades in between! Of course, there’s been a few dyeing disasters, like the time the chemicals in the dye negatively reacted to my previously permed hair leaving me with little tufts of Brillo-like hair in shades of green, black, brown and a horrible gray. That fiasco was the worst and when the next beautician tried to correct it – well, let's just say that I was lucky that I didn't end up bald. My hair was so damaged, the only solution was to cut it very, very short. Talk about a bad hair day; well, I had a string of 95 bad hair days before it finally grew out!

And the answer to that question --
''Hair color so natural only her hairdresser knows for sure..............''

An interesting tidbit is that the entire Clairol ad campaign almost got scrapped due to the double-meaning of that question– check out:

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