Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travel Tidbits

Flying to see the kids and grandchildren for the holidays?
Then join the maddening crowds!

I flew out of Denver International Airport (DIA) on Monday and while I’m a seasoned traveler, I was a little nervous as there just had been an accident there last Saturday night. A plane skidded off the runway on takeoff. Luckily, all the passengers escaped and there were no deaths. Still the accident was on my mind as the winds were extremely high again this morning.

Here’s a few tips that made my trip easier:

  • Leave for the airport an hour earlier than you normally would. You just can’t accurately anticipate car accidents, icy roads or the wait in the security line.
  • Carry as little as possible with you on the plane which will speed things up in the security lines. Isn't it absurd that we have to pay to check luggage, but I’d rather do that than try to dodge passengers while pulling a heavy suitcase through the airport. I was shocked as I paid $37 to check in 2 small suitcases, neither of which was overweight, so that was just the standard check in fee for 2 bags on United.
  • Make up a mantra to repeat to yourself while standing in line. Okay, I know that sounds a little metaphysical – but believe me it will help you stay calm as you’re being pushed and shoved in that long security line. Mine was – ENHANCE, ELEVATE and EXPAND.

ENHANCE – Reminded me to have a pleasant encounter with everyone I met at the airport and ENHANCE their day by being friendlier than usual and wishing them” Happy Holidays”.

ELEVATE – Reminded me to ELEVATE myself more spiritually during this season by doing more an unexpected kindness for someone.

EXPAND -- Reminded me to expand my circle of friends by reconnecting with some of my friends in St. Louis and making new friends. It sincerely helped me to repeat those words to myself as I grew impatient in the security line.

If you’re renting a car – be persistent in getting what you reserved. When I went to pick up my car, the agent first told me that there were no mid-sized cars left and I’d have to pay for an upgrade. When I refused, he tried to give me an economy car. When I went out to the lot, I talked with the attendant who checked in the returned cars. Sure enough, he told me that there were several of the mid-sized cars available. Since I’m here in St. Louis for 2 weeks, I decided to take the time and change out cars.

No matter where you spend your holidays I wish you a joyful, fun time with your family and friends!

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