Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Movies

I love going to the movies! The Holiday Season is one of the best times for taking in a movie as the Hollywood Studios release
several new Christmas movies and Blockbusters beginning Thanksgiving week. I recently saw the movie "Australia". It starts out a bit slow, but I thought it was great movie -- definitely an EPIC which you have to see on the big screen to experience the full beauty of the Australian outback and the magnetism of the "Sexiest Man Alive" Hugh Jackson. I know several reviews were less than complimentary, but the story line of overcoming adversity, the war and an unlikely romance were just the right combination for a memorable movie.
But I was disappointed with "Four Christmases". I thought Reeese Witherspoon was great in some of her earlier movies, but found her performance here lacking --- her delivery was too stiff and she looked bored in some scenes. Most of us can relate to one or more of the dreaded holiday visits that the two of them tried to avoid, but there were just too many cliches to make it a good comedy. When I go to the movies, I expect to be entertained and this movie just didn't deliver.


Queen Jaw Jaw said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I thought I might take this movie in, but it seemed to have too much slap stick in the previews, so I was wary of it. I'll wait till it comes to the library, FREE!

Rosie said...

Hi Queen Jaw Jaw thanks for checking out my BLOG. Another fun, funky movie is Vicky Christina Barcelona.

I don't care for Woody Allen as an actor, but he directed this and it's great!

Retired Rosie