Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joyfully Alive

Today was my first day on the mountain this ski season which is always physically exhausting.

It was even tougher,both mentally and emotionally, because after I planned the trip to ski today, Jan 13th, on Keystone Mountain,all of a sudden it hit me--exactly 3 years ago on Friday the 13th, I blew out my right knee skiing on a flat trail at Keystone Mountain. It was the most painful injury I've ever had. I had major reconstructive surgery replacing my ACL with a cadaver part. It took 8 months of physical therapy to fully regain use of my right leg.

I seriously considered cancelling the trip because it just felt too deja vu -- skiing on Jan 13th at Keystone with the same group!

Being Italian, I'm just naturally superstitious. Once, when skiing in France, I had that falling dream (you know where you wake up right before you hit the ground). It shook me up so much, that I decided not to ski the next day with the group. Later that night when the ashen-faced group returned, I found out that it had been a terrible day on the mountain. The guide was amazed they made it back with no one seriously injured.

I felt spooked today and was looking for a way out. When I got up this morning, I had a great one as the wind chill temperature on top of the mountain this morning was just 3 degrees and windy!
BUT I decided that I had to overcome my fears about it being Jan 13th and just have some fun. I was so nervous on that first run. I was shaking so much I could hardly make a decent turn, but about half way down the run the thrill of flying down the mountain just took over!
When people ask me, "Why do I ski especially after my accident?" It's simple --the sensation of flying down the mountain makes me feel joyfully alive.

So, fellow Boomers, have you ever thought about what makes you feel joyfully alive? Make a list and promise yourself in 2009 that you will throw your fears in the trash can and have more fun days.

REMEMBER -- It's not our chronological age that makes us feel old, but it's when we stop doing the things we love!

An excellent, easy-to-read book about overcoming fear is "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Dr. Susan Jeffers. http://www.amazon.com/Feel-Fear-Anyway-Susan-Jeffers/dp/0449902927

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