Monday, January 19, 2009

"WE ARE ONE" Concert

Being an entertainment junkie I was just thrilled to see that HBO aired the “We Are One “ Concert FREE since I don’t have HBO. What a phenomenal event to kick off the Inaugural activities for our 44th President! I loved that it offered such a wide variety of popular musicians.

With the ushering in of our new President, many political writers have called this Presidency a return to Camelot for several reasons. Personally, I'm just not comfortable with that comparison because after the hard dose of financial reality that we all were forced to swallow last year, I find it hard to continue to believe in the Fairy Tale of the American Dream. All Boomers know that Fairy Tale by heart as our parents drilled it into us almost daily -- grow-up, get a good education, work hard, marry, have kids, stay with the same company for 40 years, then retire with a solid pension and gold watch! It’s frightening because in less than one short year our Country’s financial fiasco has rewritten that storybook ending for most of us Boomers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy solution like the magic fairy dust that Tinkerbelle threw over the kids which allowed them to fly? Since that never will happen –- my only hope is that President Elect Obama successfully rewrites the American Dream into a believable tale for future generations.

Obama succeeded because he restored hope to millions who had lost sight of that American Dream --people who wanted nothing more than the opportunity to work hard to provide for their family; to know that they have access to affordable health care; and to believe that their pension funds are secure.

It will take years for this Presidency to undo this current mess. So, regardless of your political affiliation I ask that you pray for President-Elect Obama to have the courage to make those tough decisions that will restore not only our faith in this wonderful Nation but also provide a solid foundation for future generations to build upon..

While the current generation would probably want an American Dream that also included an IPOD, Cell Phone and HD-TV for one and all; I sincerely feel that the revised version needs to reassure each American that they will be rewarded for hard work and most importantly, that our Government will protect us and severely punish those who rip off the American people through financial greed!

If you missed the concert, check out your local HBO listings as it’s being re-aired today.
Also, check out the You-Tube link for the moving ending led by Beyonce:

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