Friday, January 2, 2009


One of the things I love the most about retirement is having the time to reconnect with and visit with old friends. While I was in St. Louis over the holidays, I had the pleasure of visiting with my friend Ruth and her extended family. Ruth and I have known each for more than 40 years and were the best of friends in college. We connected immediately when we met because I’m the oldest of 9 and there are 12 kids in her family. It was fun to meet someone who came from a family larger than mine.
We traveled extensively together throughout the States and all over Europe. We actually used Arthur Frommer’s book, “ Europe on $5 a Day” as our bible during our European Adventure in 1970. It’s hard to believe it, but we actually got a room and our meals for less than $5 a day!
Now the EuroRail Pass and sightseeing were extra. While it’s always exciting to expand your circle of friends, there’s just something reassuring about hooking up with people who have known you forever. It’s just so comfortable to sit around and reminisce. With a true friend, you can pick up the conversation just as if it were yesterday, even if you haven't seen her for 15 years!
Is there someone from your past that you'd just love to know what happened to them?
If so, you might want to try locating them through or Check out the websites closely as both charge a fee.
(In the photo, left to right: me, Ruth, her sister Snook, her daughter Bridget, and brother Tim)

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