Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Showers

Are you looking for a new opportunity to volunteer your time and talent?

Then how about hosting a baby shower for needy babies born at your local general hospital?

Several of us here at Heritage Todd Creek participated today in a baby shower hosted by Colorado's First Lady Jeanne Ritter for babies born at the Denver Health Hospital. Our group made a beautiful assortment of baby blankets and hats. Since we started "knitting for newborns" we have made more than 90 blankets.

What was so exciting about today's event is that volunteers there ranged from Girl Scouts to retirees! Several large corporations even participated -- donating everything from diapers to car seats. We were so moved by today's event that our Red Hat Chapter is going to host a baby shower. Especially in today's economy this is a wonderful way to help those in need!

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Terry said...

Good for you, Rosie! I didn't know you knitted. And, what a worthwhile project!