Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dinner Theaters

Aren't we retirees always looking for a bargain, especially when a larger percentage of our net income is now spent on everyday necessities?

One of the best bargains for fun and socializing are dinner theaters. They offer good entertainment and food for a reasonable price and you can get even greater savings usually if you go on a Wednesday or Thursday night or on weekend afternoons.

The Boulder Dinner Theater offered a super 2 for 1 special recently for their play "NUNSENSE". Dinner and Theater for 2 for just $40 which included salad and the main course....drinks and dessert are extra. It was like getting the show for free!

is a funny play with a lot of inside jokes based on Catholicism. It was a trip down memory lane for me as I attended 9 years of Catholic schools and know how tough those nuns could be. Let's just say a nun was never wrong and all our parents definitely agreed with whatever punishment they doled out!

To find a dinner theater in your area, go to the Internet and just type in: Dinner Theater + your city

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