Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last year when doing my state income taxes, I came up with a wild idea for the Colorado Make a Wish (MAW) Foundation -- why not get MAW put on the back of the Colorado tax return where a taxpayer can designate part of their refund for a charity?

I called the Director of Development about it and she thought it was a great idea because it was a new way to get contributions for the Make a Wish kids.

I got the ball rolling by contacting my State Representative last spring. She generously offered to help and after many meetings and hearings, it's actually happening! I'm so happy to report that the Bill will be signed next week by Governor Ritter. It's just so exciting for me because it proves the power that just one idea can have. It also demonstrates an alternate way that a person can contribute to their favorite charity because not all retirees have disposable income to give.

Right now, check the back of your state tax return!
Is there a section for charitable contributions? If so, and your favorite charity isn't there, then why not make that one call?
If you'd like to volunteer for the Make a Wish chapter in your area, go to:

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