Sunday, May 10, 2009

Medical Questions

Have you ever been sick for a long time, did
everything the doctors ordered and still didn't get well?

Well, that's what I've been through for the past 11 months! I'm so frustrated... I've been to several specialists, spent thousands of dollars of my own money, had numerous tests and still don't have a definitive answer as to what's wrong with me. I've found that most of the doctors hated it when I asked questions regarding prescriptions or tests.

It seems like some of them still have that God-like attitude and wanted me to do whatever they told me. When I refused to stay on antibiotics for the rest of my life, I got labeled a 'difficult patient' just like they did to Elaine on a Seinfeld episode. I had to then explain to next doctor why I wasn't a difficult patient, but just an extremely frustrated one.
So, if you're experiencing similar problems, begin by asking your doctors the following questions:
1. What is this test for?
2. How many times have you done this?
3. Any side effects from this test?
4. When will I get the results?

1. Why do I need this surgery?
2. Are there any alternatives to surgery?
3. How many times have you performed this operation?
4. Are you familiar with the latest techniques?
5. What are the possible complications?
6. Which hospital is best for my surgery?

1. What is the drug supposed to do?
2. What are the possible side effects?
3. Are there any side effects?
4. How will this medicine interact with other meds I'm currently taking?

Don't be intimated by your Doctor or any other health's your health at risk so it's up to you to be a very persistent advocate to ensure that you are getting proper care!
For an interesting article on questioning your doctor:

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