Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I volunteered for the annual Frank's Ride for Children. It was rather ironic that my job was to serve pork to the famished riders because I don't eat meat! Over 1500 bikers paid $20 to enter the Poker Run with all the proceeds going to the Colorado Make a Wish Foundation.

The best part of the event was the arrival by motorcycle sidecar of 6 Wish Kids. They looked so cute in their autographed, custom-made helmets. They were so excited! Their joy was contagious and just so heartwarming. For more on the event:
This week I also completed Wish Grantor training for I'll get to meet with Wish Kids and their families to find out what their Wish is. I'm really looking forward to helping making their dreams come true.

In Retirement, most of us have more time than money, so why not donate some time? It's simple......especially if you want to work a special event. Just look up your favorite charity on the Internet, see what's happening this summer and call them!

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