Sunday, November 2, 2008

48 hours left

I've never been more active in the political process than this campaign as it's the first time that I've made a financial contribution as well as donated my time to a candidate.

Yet, as we enter the last few days and the final deluge of political commercials, daily emails requesting additional financial contributions and phone calls from both political parties, I just wonder -- are you as tired as I am? Tired of the name calling and the candidates digging up dirt on each other rather than spending more time on clearly presenting their position on critical national issues. If I want dirt on either candidate, I can easily find it myself on the Internet. I would have preferred that each candidate have spent more time explaining how they plan to solve our economic crisis, health care problems and protect my retirement as well as end the war.

I know some people in Colorado are just as tired as I volunteered today to call voters. At least 10 people screamed at me, 4 or 5 hung up on me and 3 said they would not vote because they didn't like either candidate. I'm frustrated too because after volunteering today and talking with some of the other volunteers, I sincerely believe that we need a major reform in our election process. I'm sure that millions of hours have been spent by volunteers in each party calling people and knocking on doors ---- actually getting out there and talking to real people. Yet, it's the Electoral College who will decide our next President. I don't like it! I think it's about time our President be elected by the popular vote rather than the Electoral College.

I just hope that whoever is elected on Tuesday will be the strong, proactive leader that our Country needs --- the one who is capable of leading us out of the gloomy despair that has permeated our nation and souls for way too long and who can lift us up to a new level of financial prosperity and security.
We deserve a more secure future!

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