Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Give Thanks!

At a time when there are so many things wrong with our economy, when every day we hear of more doom and gloom with companies closing and more layoffs, we still have much to be thankful for. Just the fact that 3 weeks ago today we elected a new president and that transition will be made in a peaceful manner is a feat never accomplished in many countries.

In the midst of rushing to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner, please take a few minutes to think of all you personally are grateful for -- family, friends, health, a job, your home. Personally, I feel very blessed to be part of a large extended family with 8 brothers and sisters, many other relatives and wonderful friends scattered across the nation and abroad, good health, medical insurance and a pension. One of my traditions for Thanksgiving Dinner is that I love to start the meal by going around the dinner table and having each person say what they are grateful for. Try it --- some of the answers may surprise you.

Since we live in such a highly mobile society, with family scattered throughout the country, many of you might be alone for the Holiday -- some for the first time. If that's the case, then there's several options to keep you busy. Plan a Thanksgiving dinner party and invite all your single friends; check out programs at nearby churches or senior centers as they always have room for one more or volunteer. Live near Denver, then volunteer to serve dinner to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission.

Whatever your plans are, I wish you a joyous and safe start to the Holiday Season!

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