Monday, November 3, 2008

Save a Heart - YOURS!

Like most people, I tend to gain weight during the holiday season and with it right around the corner, I'm trying to get a head start on exercising.......and there's nothing better than walking. It's a gorgeous, brisk Fall day here in Colorado, perfect for walking, and I just finished 3 miles.

No matter what size or shape your currently in, everyone can get out and take a walk. It's especially good for us retirees because it not only increases your physical activity and improves your health, but gets you out of the house. A brisk walk increases your heart rate, strengthens your heart and increases blood circulation through your body and reduces body fat. Remember to consult your doctor and have a checkup before beginning any type of exercise program especially if you've been inactive for awhile. If you've been lax in exercising, then be sure to start out slowly, perhaps walking just a mile to start, gradually increase your pace, and always cool down at the end. It helps to have an exercise buddy because then you're committed to doing it and more fun to have someone with you along the trail, so invite a friend or neighbor to join you.

It pays to have the best equipment -- so invest in good walking shoes and buy a pedometer to keep track of your steps. Try to walk at least 10,000 total steps a day (about 5 miles). Wear the pedometer all day and set realistic goals for yourself --- like taking 1,000 more steps a day until you gradually increase to walking at least 10,000 steps daily on a routine basis. It's your heart - so protect it with a daily exercise program.....and walking is the best way to start. For additional info on heart health from the American Heart Association, visit their website --
(NOTE: The above is meant to motivate you, not meant to be medical advice.)

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