Friday, November 21, 2008

EGYPT- Planning the Trip

One of the luxuries of being retired is having the time to take a trip in off season which reduces the price and makes sightseeing more enjoyable by avoiding crowds. Since 1970 I’ve wanted to see the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx in Egypt and was thrilled to finally make that dream come true earlier this year. As mentioned before, Sue and I started our trip in Europe and visited Germany and Italy for the first 2 weeks. We then flew from Frankfurt to Cairo on April 29th and spent almost 2 weeks in Egypt. I'm dividing the BLOGs on Egypt into 3 parts -- planning the trip, Cairo, and the cruise. I'll include some photos with each BLOG.
I always love the planning stage of any trip because of the excitement I feel in anticipating the adventure. Since this would be my only trip to Egypt, I decided to take a 5-star tour through Trafalgar Tours which turned out to be a great choice. They not only booked us in exceptional hotels and provided a luxurious cruise ship but I felt very secure on the trip as there were armed guards accompanying our group. I didn't realize it until I actually started travelling through Egypt, but there are still unsafe areas, but at no time did I feel threatened. In planning a trip abroad, for travel advisories always check the State Department's website at

For any potential health problems, consult the Center for Disease Control website at to determine what vaccinations you'll need. Also, carefully plan what you'll bring as most foreign tour operators now allow only one 26" suitcase. Many museums will require you to cover your head and knees so bring appropriate clothing.
A great website for clothing tips is Be sure to get all your medications filled well in advance. The most useful items I found for traveling in Egypt were a hand-held battery operated fan; a ventilated hat and a small square scarf. What I loved most about traveling with Trafalgar is that from the minute we arrived in Cairo until we departed Egypt, their tour guide and other personnel more than delivered on everything promised in the brochure. From all my travel experiences, that was truly a pleasant experience -- to have my expectations exceeded!

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