Friday, November 21, 2008

Wellness Seminars

One of the joys of living in an Active Adult community is the variety of workshops and activities offered. This week we had a seminar presented by Kim Kirmmse-Toth of Positive Aging, Inc. (see links). She gave an energetic, fun-filled presentation on staying happy and positive in retirement. Some of her tips on Planning for Play are to: energetically pursue new hobbies and interests; volunteer your time and talents; explore outside activities like hiking and biking; and expand your horizons by investigating areas outsize your comfort zone. For example, you might want to consider volunteering out of state when a national disaster hits or take a trip to another country to explore the local culture. It's critical to both your social and mental well being that you stay involved -- so if you don't live in an Active Adult Community, try your local library, churches or Senior Rec Centers for classes. In many areas, there is a Free University which offers classes for a very reasonable fee. To me, the KEY to finding happiness in your retirement years is to stay involved and be enthusiastic about pursuing new adventures!

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