Monday, November 17, 2008

Denver Film Festival

Are you a movie buff and live in Denver? Then catch a movie at the STARZ Denver Film Festival which is happening now at the STARZ Film Center in downtown Denver and runs through Sunday, November 23rd. I've met a lot of retirees there who love movies just as much as I do and enjoy the buzz of the Festival. No matter what your skills are, there's something to do for everyone from driving the directors/stars, working in the theater or at the volunteer center. I love working in the Film Maker's Lounge. There's such an electric feeling in the air when people start filtering in after a movie. It's a place where all the up and coming directors and film makers hang out and can get a bite to eat. It's so much fun, that it's my 6th year as a volunteer. Here's the schedule, in case you have some free time to catch a flick this week---
And if volunteering there sounds like something you'd enjoy, then check out their website next summer.

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