Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Many of us single Boomers have lived alone for years, while others have recently been widowed.

For those who were married for decades, the shock of living alone may cover them with veil of depression and isolation. Don’t let that happen to you!! Some tips for learning to live alone:

......Prepare a list of things to do outside your home on days you feel bad…..and you will have those days.

......Get out of the house and socialize. Play cards, take line dancing….anything that allows you to interact with others.

......Nurture your spirit by journaling, mediating or listening to relaxing music. (Personally, I love Yanni)

......Get a pet. Just taking care of one often will give you a sense of purpose and walking your dog daily is great exercise.

......Try something new like signing up for a foreign language class.

......Find a close friend or someone in a support group who you can freely talk to.

The most important thing is YOU! You have to take action to build a new life for yourself and the most exciting thing is once you get out there, you’ll be amazed at the new friends you’ll make and fun things to do.

If you feel you just can't shake that down feeling, perhaps you need professional help. If so, review the info at:

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