Monday, March 16, 2009

Magic Moments

What a great name for a dance troupe !

That's exactly what I experienced when watching this year's production of "This Just In". The show was fast-paced and so heart warming. I just loved it!

Music director, Donna Debreceni, put her special twist on golden oldies such favorites as Don’t Be Cruel, Thriller, and Walking on Sunshine. The dance numbers were well-choreographed and the kids were obviously having the time of their lives. It was so touching to see how excited they were.

Magic Moments, Inc. is a non-profit theatre production group founded in 1983 in the Denver area that promotes the abilities of all performers, especially those with physical or developmental disabilities. Through their annual musical productions, they want to raise awareness and to provide the diverse range of cast members an opportunity to give back to their own community through theatrical performance.

For more info including how to donate to this very worthwhile non-profit, go to:

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