Thursday, March 5, 2009

At the Spa

Would you like a massage?

For most Boomers, the word "massage" usually meant a polite word for another activity. Most ladies I know have never even experienced one because they just can't get rid of that image of a sleazy massage parlor.

But nowadays, a massage given by a certified therapist at a professional Spa is a blissful experience! I always find it so relaxing and peaceful. And, after being so stressed out over the bailout mess, I definitely needed one.

So today, instead of hitting the slopes, I visited the Serenity Spa in Keystone, CO. I opted for a facial and mini-massage -- 90 minutes of pure relaxation and I loved it!

If you've never visited a Spa, why not spoil yourself for a day?

We Boomer women have always worked so hard, doing everything for everyone else but ourselves -- so, don't you think it's about time to pamper yourself, too?

For a listing of day Spas in your area, check out:
And, don't forget to ask them for a discount! Most spas will give you at least a 20% discount if you get the service within 48 hours of making the reservation.

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