Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running on Empty?

At church this weekend the minister kept referring to how many people are"running on empty" which made me think about the Jackson Browne song.

The lyrics seem so appropriate for these hard economic times, especially......."Everywhere I go, Everyone I know, People need some reason to believe".

To me, "running on empty" doesn't refer only to the financial hard times many Boomers on fixed incomes face, but also to how many of us feel spiritually and emotionally depleted because we've lost faith in our Government and the politicians representing us.

We grew up with a Government that we believed in. Yet, with all that's happened in the past year, it's no wonder that we're all looking for something to believe in. As many economists predict, we still may be in a downward cycle this year.

So, if you feel emotionally and spiritually depleted too, suggest you consider getting recharged at your local church; talk to some friends or if you just can't seem to get out of that 'blue funk', then seek professional help.

The catchy lyrics sure remind me of the 60s. Check out a live Jackson Browne performance at:

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