Monday, March 16, 2009

Screwed Again!

I am so sick of it -- aren't you!
I just couldn't believe it today when I heard that some AIG executives received $165 million in bonuses which obviously came from the billions that our Government gave them.

How disgusting!
But it's no surprise because if they were ethical to start with, then they would not have contributed to this financial mess we're in.

Just think's the same executives that created or sold the derivatives that are receiving the bonuses.
What really made me mad though was when Isaw on CNN that the Government may not pursue an investigation or prosecution because it would probably end up costing just as much money as the bonuses.

What a joke! What kind of a message does that send to us taxpayers who are footing the bill? I just hope that New York's Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, follows through and actually subpoenas AIG executives.

Want to do something about?
Then write your Congressman and demand that your Government make AIG fully accountable for the billons given to them and that all bonuses be
cancelled. You can find out how to contact them at:

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