Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bailout Blues

No matter how much I try to forget about it, daily I get mad about the bailout -- don't you??

I want to know where Uncle Sugar-Daddy was when I needed him! I lost about 75% of my life savings in the stock market crash of 2000/2001. I sure needed Uncle Sugar-Daddy then to save my butt financially, but I didn't get a dime!

So here I am at 61, still making house payments after just having refinanced my home at 5%. Yet, I can't qualify for any help whatsoever because I have been faithfully paying my mortgage. It sure makes me feel like I should default on my loan just so I can qualify for one of those 2% loans.

How about you -- are any of you Boomers qualifying for housing help under the Economic Stimulus Package?

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