Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey, can you believe it's that time of the year already?

I'm not talking about Spring, though I'm happy it's here and we've had some beautiful days!

It's TAX TIME - ugh!

So, have you filed your income taxes yet or are you like me -- procrastinating? Usually I'm done by this time of the year, but I just can't seem to get started on them.

I've even made appointments with myself on my calendar, but I just don't feel like doing them. Well, I've got a new self-imposed deadline of April 7th because I'm going back to St. Louis to visit my family for Easter.

How about you -- need some help? There's several ways Boomers can get free tax advice.
Here's a few:

As an ex-IRS agent, the best free advice I can give you is -- FILE YOUR TAXES on time. Even if you end up owing money and can't pay it immediately, you must file your return by April 15th. I've read several articles recently where the IRS is more than willing to work with taxpayers in setting up a payment plan due to these tough economic times.

The link for setting up a payment plan is:,,id=149373,00.html?portlet=2

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