Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Wrestler

"The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke is an attention-getting, inspirational movie. I enjoyed seeing a picture with a good story line where they hadn't spent millions on special effects or action scenes.
Undoubtedly, Rourke proved that he can still carry a movie as he gave the performance of a lifetime. It's easy to see why he won several awards for portraying "Randy, the Ram". For me, especially moving were the Ram's attempts at reconciling with his daughter in the twilight of his life.

As his fans already know, the story line closely parallels Rourke's real life as he was a hot, rising star in the 80s who fell out of favor with Hollywood due to his wild antics and reputation for being difficult to work with.

I saw "The Wrestler" with a few friends who had never seen a Mickey Rourke movie. They had no idea of his screen presence as a young star -- so we immediately rented "9 1/2 weeks", the film that catapulted him to fame.
Note that there is quite a bit of violence in this movie.

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